I like to get creative when I do my nails. It is like therapy for me, and a world of escape. I do various styles and designs to match the season, holiday or just my mood. I believe that every female should have their nails done, because that shows that she is clean and takes care of herself. Doing my own nails is not just about fun, but it pushes me and enhances my creativity skills, every time that I sit down to do my nails.



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  1. adonia05
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 00:50:59

    I totally agree with you about having your nails done. As a woman, it makes me feel complete. If I don’t have my finger and toenails polished I feel bare and boring. I enjoy giving myself manicures and pedicures and it is definitely a stress reliever. Occasionally I will have them done at a salon, but honestly I don’t mind doing it myself and it saves me money. My mother taught me at a young age and now I am passing it along to my daughters. They love it and we enjoy sharing that girly time together. My eldest daughter Lacey is very creative and comes up with all sorts of cool designs and colors like yours.


  2. azigr22
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 19:49:32

    Lily, when can you do my nails? That is so cute! I love having my nails done, looking cute and fun, but I don’t have the skills or patience to do them myself. That is such a great talent you have. I love how you incorporate your nails to holidays and your mood. I like the image you have now. I like to do dark colors on my nails too and I like how you did the silver lining. It looks really unique. It’s nice that you use this activity as a way for therapy. For me, it would be frustrating. 

    I agree with you that every girl should have her nails done, whether or not you chose color. Cleanliness of a women’s hands is so important. This is something I pay attention to it. It’s important for sanitation purposes and it also represent you as a person. I always go with my mom and it’s our time of relaxation. I can’t wait to one day have daughters of my own and share nail time with them. It’s such a creative skill you have and it’s great that you put it to work.


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